Frequent Questions

Can I order a MVR for myself?

No, we can’t process MVRs for individuals due to privacy regulations. You may want to contact the DMV in your state for a copy of your own driver record.

Are the MVRs in your system certified?

No, DMVs don’t offer certified MVRs to third-party providers or for instant results. For certified MVRs, you need to contact the DMV directly.

Why do I need a signed consent form for each driver before ordering MVRs?

Before you can get a driver record for employment purposes, you must notify the individual in writing - in a document consisting solely of this notice - that a report may be used. You also must get the person's written authorization before you ask a CRA for the report. There are legal consequences for employers who fail to get an applicant's permission before requesting a consumer report or who fail to provide pre-adverse action disclosures and adverse action notices to unsuccessful job applicants. The FCRA allows individuals to sue employers for damages in federal court. A person who successfully sues is entitled to recover court costs and reasonable legal fees. The law also allows individuals to seek punitive damages for deliberate violations. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission, other federal agencies, and the states may sue employers for noncompliance and obtain civil penalties.

How long does your system take to download MVRs?

MVRonline offers instant access to MVRs in 46 states. Depending on the size of your order, most MVR results are returned within seconds.

How can I order MVRs for non-instant states?

Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Pennsylvania are non-instant MVR states. For these states, you need to contact us to process a MVR order. Some of these states require a state-specific form that needs to be filled out by the driver and employer

Is the MVRonline system available 24/7?

Yes, once you create an account with MVRonline, you can order MVRs 24/7.

Why can’t I upload the signed consent form?

Typically, when you can’t upload a consent form is because the PDF file is too large. The max size is 2 MB. You can Click Here to use a third-party service to reduce the size of PDF files for free.

Why can’t I save the driver’s information once I added it to the system?

If you’re having issues with saving information into the system could be because you’re using an outdated version of your internet browser. Below are the links to download the latest version of browsers:

Chrome (recommended)

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox


How do I know if the information in the MVR report is accurate?

100% of information in the MVR comes directly from each state’s DMV. MVRonline doesn’t have a database of drivers or manipulate any information. However, there could mistakes or typos in the information that’s reported in the driver record. Contact us at if you believe that the MVR is missing information or if some information is incorrect. We can dispute any inquiries directly with the state’s DMV if you have proof that the MVR is indeed incorrect.

How can I get a refund for my order?

MVRonline does not offer refunds for MVRs that have been processed. States’ DMVs charge a state fee regardless of the outcome in the MVR – even when the driver is not found in their system. Before ordering a MVR, make sure that the license number, full name and date of birth match exactly what’s on the driver’s license.