Driver Record Monitoring

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Find Violations on Driving Records as they occur

Are you sure your drivers have valid licenses right now? Has it been a while since your last MVR review? Minimize your risk of retaining dangerous drivers with Driver Record Monitoring.

Our system connects directly to state DMV’s and monitors for negative changes like DUIs or suspensions. It helps companies, insurance agents and government entities minimize liabilities and increase road safety.

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24/7 Driver Record Management

Instead of manually reviewing reports, the system does it for you— continuously. Drivers are automatically color-coded from low risk to high risk.

In addition to customizable company dashboards, you get almost real-time email alerts when there’s new negative activity (new violations, DUIs, suspensions, expirations, tickets, etc. ).

Never miss a deadline again! Our driver file manager feature also allows you to digitize and organize employee files. You can add notes and set reminders for file renewals.

Features and Benefits

Remove Gaps between MVR reports

Less gaps means less chance for a risky driver to fall through the cracks. It also helps companies:

  • Save money on insurance premiums
  • Remain DOT Compliant
  • Reduce administrative time and cost for checking MVRs
  • Decrease crash rates by 14%.
Nationwide Coverage


Email Reminders


Real Time Notifications

Real Time

MVR Scoring


Custom Reports


Document Management



Frequently asked questions

The system connects directly to states’ DMVs to receive data feeds with driver record changes. As soon as the system detects a change (new violation, license status change or suspension), an email alert is sent to supervisor with the information about the new activity.

The frequency varies by state. Some states offer daily monitoring, while others offer weekly or monthly monitoring.

The driver license monitoring service is now available in most states. Contact us to get the specific state coverage for your company.

Driver monitoring is often cheaper than annual MVR pulls. When a driver license is monitored, a MVR is only pulled when there is a change. This eliminates the need for annual MVR reviews in most cases. Contact us to receive a quote and Schedule a demo

Don’t wait for the next MVR check to find suspensions.

Implementing a custom MVR monitoring solution for your company is easier than you think. Learn more with a free demo.