Motor Vehicle Records is the most cost-effective way to understand employee’s driving history. MVRs includes violations and accident over a specified time (3 year is the most common). While it’s important to look back in history, the most important indicator is the pattern of violations. Typically, a driver with three of more violations and/or at-fault accidents in a 3-year lapse has a higher probability of being in an accident than those with a clean record.

Is running MVRs only for large companies?

Absolutely not! Companies- big-or small- all have a responsibility to take every step possible to hire safe drivers. MVRs are for all companies interested in portraying an image of safety across their company and the public, regardless of size

How often should we run MVRs for our drivers?

This can be tricky because MVRs represent only a snapshot in time of a person’s driving history. This means they provide only the data available at the time the report was ordered. This is the primary incentive for companies to check MVRs periodically. Performing once-a-year screenings may not be sufficient, especially if you have employees in the category of “borderline”. In this case, waiting a full year to check again means you wouldn’t know until the following year if those employees had more violations or changes in license status. Of course, the more times MVRs are ordered, the better equipped companies will be to decide who should not be assigned driving duties.

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