Driver License Monitor

Driver License Monitoring System

Find violations in driving records as they occur.

MVR offers a way for companies, government entities and insurance providers to monitor employees' driving records. The system connects electronically with all States Licensing Agencies (DMVs) to continuously monitor records on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and alert supervisors when there is a change to an employee's driving record. Notifications allow employers to stay up-to-date with drivers' records and reduce the likelihood accidents and potential lawsuits. Benefits include:

  • Real-time information about moving violations, DUIs/DWIs, suspensions
  • Find employees without valid or current licenses
  • Receive reminders with driver license and medical certificate expirations
  • More cost-effective than annual MVRs
  • Don't wait for the next MVR check to find suspensions/revocations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Driver Record Monitoring work?

The system connects directly to states' DMVs to receive data feeds with driver record changes. As soon as the system detects a change (new violation, license status change or suspension), an email alert is sent to supervisor with the information about the new activity.

How often are driver licenses monitored?

The frequency varies by state. Some states offer daily monitoring, while others offer weekly or monthly monitoring.

Is continuous license monitoring available in all 50 states?

The driver license monitoring service is now available in most states. Contact us to get the specific state coverage for your company.

How much does the on-going driver monitoring system cost?

Driver monitoring is often cheaper than annual MVR pulls. When a driver license is monitored, a MVR is only pulled when there is a change. This eliminates the need for annual MVR reviews in most cases. Contact us to receive a quote and Schedule a demo.

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