As an employer, before you hire a new employee (particularly those who have driving responsibilities) you run an MVR check. MVR checks are not that different from any other background check you would perform before hiring a candidate. This information is crucial in determining whether the driver is fit to operate a vehicle. MVR checks help employers evaluate a candidate’s driving history, providing insights into their driver history and safety behind the wheel. Neglecting to perform MVR checks can lead to legal and financial consequences, as well as potential harm to your organization’s reputation.

By staying on top of your hiring process, you can ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and the public, as well as maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. So, be sure to take the necessary steps to know who is driving for your organization and keep them accountable through regular MVR checks.

What is an MVR Check?

A motor vehicle record check or an MVR check is a snapshot of a driver’s driving history. The record shows any violations, accidents, or suspensions that have occurred over a period of time. Besides violations, the record shows important information such as the license status, the expiration date, and even the license class.

MVR checks are particularly important for companies that employ drivers, such as trucking companies, delivery services, and ridesharing platforms. By conducting MVR checks, employers can ensure that they are hiring safe and responsible drivers who will represent their company well on the road.

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Why are MVRs important to employers?

If an employee is involved in an accident while on the job, employers may be held responsible for any damages or injuries that occur. By conducting MVR checks, employers can mitigate these risks and potentially reduce their insurance premiums.

Pulling an MVR allows your company to stay compliant with FMCSA guidelines. Past violations are a good indicator of future performance. This means drivers with many violations are more than likely to repeat them. Reviewing your employees’ MVRs allows you to hire drivers who do not bring high risk to the organization and make a right fit for the team. It also lets you zoom in on risky drivers who may need more attention or training.

Finally, besides seeing violations, it is important that the company knows if the driver holds the correct license. Some jobs require the driver to hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and to maintain a Medical Certificate. An MVR check can show the license class and ensure that the medical certificate is up to date. Pulling the MVR ensures that you are hiring the right candidate for the right job.

How do I order MVR Checks?

Here at, we make it easy to streamline the MVR check process. You can obtain your employee’s MVR with these four easy steps.

  1. Create an account. You will need to create an account with your company’s information. This includes the company’s name and address.
  2. Add your employee’s information. You will need to add your employee’s driver’s license information before you can pull the report.
  3. Upload the consent form. We require you to upload the employee’s consent form before the order is placed. You can obtain the consent form here.
  4. Place your order! Once your report is ready to be viewed, you will receive an email.

How can I do more?

Checking MVRs at hire is just the minimum! As an employer, you should be pulling MVRs at least annually as well. However, you can eliminate the gap between checks and streamline the process through our MVR monitoring technology. MVR Monitoring technology is an automated system that continuously monitors and alerts you to any changes in your employees’ driving records. Learn how you can do more as an employer! 

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