Hiring decisions impact every aspect of your business. The people you bring on board influence your CSA Score, your client relations and the morale of your current employees. Therefore, it’s crucial to thoroughly vet each candidate. Reviewing your employees’ MVRs is a good starting point, but it only provides a partial view of an employee’s record. Discover why incorporating PSP and CDLIS reviews is crucial for making safe and informed hiring decisions.

What is a PSP and CDLIS report?

A Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) report shows non-moving violations and DOT violations. These violations include hours of service violations (HOS), vehicles not properly maintained, and drivers not possessing proper licenses or qualification materials.

A Commercial Driver’s License Information System report (CDLIS) shows a 3-year history of the states where a driver previously held a CDL license. This helps ensure that the driver has one valid license.

Both of these reports, only contain information for drivers that hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The information provided in PSP Reports is not typically found in a standard MVR because they are non-moving violations.

Why Should employers pull PSP and CDLIS reports?

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) show a candidate’s driver history and license status. This report includes violations such as speeding tickets, DUIs, and accidents. While the report provides valuable insight, it does not give you the full picture of a candidate’s driving history.

PSP reports and CDLIS provide additional layers of information beyond what MVRs offer. This allows employers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s driving history. PSP reports highlight past roadside violations, enabling employers to identify any recurring patterns of risky behavior that may not be evident from MVRs alone.

The CDLIS report helps ensure compliance with the FCMSA by verifying that employees have one valid CDL license. Additionally,  CDLIS reports provide the employer with the information they need to pull out-of-state MVRs to check for violations or driving incidents that occurred previously. 

Who you hire affects all aspects of your business. If you unknowingly hire drivers with several moving violations and DOT violations, this can affect your CSA Score. A low CSA score can affect who chooses your company as their motor vehicle carrier, and so on. Ordering MVRs, PSP, and CDLIS reports helps prevent negligent hiring and allows you to make the right choices for your business.

How do they help with the hiring process?

The more you know, the better! PSP and CDLIS reports provide you with additional insights into the risks associated with candidate. Together, MVRs, PSP and CDLIs background checks provide optimal transparency into an individual’s driving history. The result? Companies are empowered to make smart hiring decisions, reduce on-the-job accidents and liabilities, comply with FMCSA requirements, and generally have more peace of mind.

Accessing PSP reports and CDLIS allows employers to proactively address any areas of concern and implement targeted training or support measures to improve driver safety and performance.

How do I order PSP and CDLIS reports?

By thoroughly vetting candidates through multiple sources of information, employers can reduce the risk of hiring drivers with a history of violations or accidents, thereby minimizing potential liability for the company.

Streamline your hiring process through MVR monitoring. Our MVR Monitoring technology allows you to pull MVRs, receive notifications for negative changes in your employees’ driver’s licenses, and pull PSP and CDLIS reports. Ready to learn more? Schedule a demo.

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